This poster is produced from a photograph and uses technologies operating on the Apple platform. Like any image produced with software it is easily adjusted within the parameters that the particular software uses in processing and in the level to which this is mixed with the original to produce the final project.

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Different versions will be following this to illustrate what is possible.

I know most would say its a wine advert and not art, but I think the ad agency who did the advertising would not agree, its really quite striking to me aswell.

from FoodStuffSA

By the way the elephant’s closest living relative referred to, is Procavia capensis more commonly called a Dassie or Rock Rabbit in South Africa. This is based on a widely held belief that the elephant is the closest living relative of the Dassie, which is, however, not universally accepted as true.

For a change a look at something abstract after all those photographs! Of course you can click the categories to the left if you don’t want to see certain types of art.

©️Dave Harcourt 2021, all rights reserved

We can produce this type of abstract art in colours that faithfully reflect the colours in the area where you are going to hang the wall art. For now you can email us if you are in a rush or keep and eye on the site to see more details when we launch.

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This is a Blogger blogger site from the mid 2000s that makes general posts abou thing photographic based mainly on my own photography.

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This website publicises the large variety of posters available from DaveHPosterart along with the offer to develop unique and exclusive posters using their technologies with your photographs or photographs sourced to match your needs.

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