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Slow Photography

Here is a photograph that fits in the “long time in taking” category, definitely not a “decisive moment”.

My French drivers license!

At last I have my French drivers license, three years after the photograph was exposed!

There is in fact a “Slow Photography Movement” where people are not into snapping using burst mode on their digital cameras, but rather focus on working slower, the physical aspects of the photograph and documentation that extends the story of the image.

One photographer apparently uses film cameras only and waits several months before developing the film so as to extend the process. I can not locate source information on this at present so would appreciate feedback from anyone who knows about this.

Henri Cartier Bresson is known for focusing on the “Decisive Moment” when subject, photographer and equipment all came together at the instant of pressing the shutter to create a unique image.

I personally prefer something in the middle, although I have found myself taking several shots of what looks like a good image just in case they are better than my first attempt.

This looks rather dull on the blog so to lighten it up here is the current free image from my poster site.

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