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Standout Photos 4 – A Housefront in Cluny

I’m trying to understand what makes images that stand out for me unlike this one and whether this is the same for everyone.

©️Dave Harcourt 2022, all rights reserved

I have many photographs of old buildings in the cathedral town of Cluny in various states of repair and a range of finishes – this one seems to stand out. Is it because I took time to cut out all perspectives and cropping in on detail rather than getting the whole house, is it the colours or the shear ordinariness of the subject?

Why not use a comment to put your feelings down.

Shadows on Blue

A few days ago I spent some time waiting in the parking area of an amazingly complicated shopping area in Paray-le-Monial. This pair of shadowy spectators watching a wheel chair race was the first interesting photo I took. What is casting the second shadow?

©️Dave Harcourt 2021, all rights reserved

When you have time to look there is always much more to see than you would think! On this day the first thing that struck me was the bright colours and that I had seen this before – not through deja vu but because through my viewfinder. .

Going back into my library, I found a photo taken just over a year before on 16 October 2020.

Red tree, car and lamppost.
©️Dave Harcourt 2021, all rights reserved

A wider crop of the first photograph shows same autumn colours and red lampposts but adds a range of blues in the sky, parking, road signs and building.

©️Dave Harcourt 2021, all rights reserved

It also shows raw obscured sign than cast the second shadowy figure.