BOB CHUFFIN – spreading his view

Was it because André Derain. the French artist, painter, sculptor and co-founder of Fauvism is an ancestor. Or was he influenced by a teacher at school in Algeria? His drawing book at the time had amazing art for a child of his age.

Whatever, there is no doubt that Bob dedicated his life to art even though he never achieved the recognition he strived for later in life.

The world was recently impressed by the Everydays – First 5 000 Days NFT that Beeple produced from his years of daily work. If Bob’s small postcard sized images had been smilarly processed there would have been three NFTs auction.

So far we have only sampled, scanned and combined 11 of the envelopes of drawings into this image. The numbers to the left are the envelope numbers with the contents arranged in two rows

©️Bob Chuffin 2021, all rights reserved

Have a look at the blog I started a few years ago which unfortunately didn’t make progress in publicising Bob’s art.